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Vacuum-shrink pouches

Vacuum-shrink pouches

Its basic commodity is a co-extruded, multilayer tube and flat foil with  EVOH or PVDC which are the barrier layers.
Its typical properties are the exceptional closing ability, which significantly increases the product's warranty. Good puncture resistance, high gloss, waterproof with excellent long - and transverse shrinking ability.
It can be welded very easily and can be colour printed in 8+8 colour.
Easily opened because of the containing adhesion-preventing powder.
In terms of export forms the bottom can be welded, which is curved or straight.
The side sealed design is especially beneficial in case of products, where, due to slicing, we want to show on the product's cut-out segment.
Within the shrinking packet there is not only high and medium lockup, but so-called deep freeze  type as well. Also cookable, sterilisable and gas permeable  packets suitable for matured cheese.
In thickness, the standard is 35-40-45-75 and 90  micron.
Application fields: Primarily in the meat-trade, vension-processing and cheese packaging.
In order to increase the packaging efficiency, we can provide vacuum-shrinking package in a flat foil form.
In addition to the above, the solution of the bone-in meat packaging can be a waxed bone protective foil in a different variety of colour and design.

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