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Vacuum pouches

Vacuum pouches

Its basic  commodity is a three-layer co-extruded PA PE foil, which has been specially developed for packet production.
Its typical property is the excellent closing ability, which significantly increases the product's shelf life. Good puncture resistance, high gloss, clear.
It is easily sealable and can be printed on it  with 8 colours, surface or between layers printing.
3-side sealed design comes mostly in natural colours, but it can be blue white or black  coloured in material.
One of most favoured desing is  plain on one side, and coloured paper or silver/gold on the other side. The possibilities are nearly limitless.
The circular welded packets do not only come in  medium, but in high-locking so-called shielding  gas type design, and also cookable and sterilisable version as well.
The sidecut provides a user-friendly solution for opening, but nowadays the smooth-locked, stemmedand Doy-pack packets are widespread too.
The thickness can spread from 50  microns up to 200 microns.
Application fields: complete range of food products.

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