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Vacuum and map films

Vacuum and map films

Regarding the types we can differentiate two main styles of the multilayer co-extruded foils :  medium and high barrier. While the medium barrier films are PA/PE structured, the high barrier films contain an EVOH barrier layer, which provides longer warranty as well as the ability of shielding gas charging.
Generally speaking, thanks to the cast technology the foils have an excellent formability even on lower temperatures.
After the thermoforming, it has a good puncture resistance even on the critical parts. / e.g. at the corners/
The high gloss and the excellent transparency gives a quality aesthetic appearance for the product.
The films have outstanding welding properties, even in cases, when various contamination ( e.g. blood, fat, spices etc.) get onto the welding surface.
Easy colour printability with flexo or rotogravure-printing for up to 10 colours.
The films can  use a so-called easy-peel technology, which makes opening easier. Anti-fog layers can also be added according to the field of application.
We cut the foil's width parameters in the customer's preference, while the thickness ranges from 55my to 300my adapting to the needs of application field, be it fresh meat, dried goods, cheese, vegetables, dried fruits etc.

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