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Rigid bottom films

Rigid bottom films

Regarding the types we can differentiate two main styles of the multilayer co-extruded foils :  medium and high barrier. While the medium barrier films are APET/PE structured, the high closing films contain EVOH barrier layer, which provides longer warranty as well as the ability  of gas charging.
In terms of material we prefer the enviromentally friendly APET foils, but of course the PP, PS and PVC can also be found among our products.
Thanks to the cast technology, it can be easily shaped. It keeps the material’s solidity even after thermoforming. The high gloss and the excellent transparency gives a quality aesthetic appearance for the product.
Films have excellent welding properties, even when different contamination occurs on the welding surface. (Blood, fat and spices for example.)
Mostly clear, but other basic coloured foil can be ordered.
Convenient opening is provided by the easy-peel technology. A recommended PE layered hard foil further adds an user-friendly experience.
We cut the foil's width parameters in the customer's preference, while the thickness ranges from 200my to 900my adapting to the needs of application field, be it fresh meat, pasta, cheese, vegetables, dry goods etc.

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