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Reclosable films

Reclosable films

This is real a innovation, which is becoming increasingly popular amongst the countries of the EU. It also comes at an affordable price now.  These foils are three-layered and laminated They come in medium and high sealed forms.
Medium and high sealed foils are PET/PE structured and provide a expanded warranty. These can also be filled with shielding gas.
The PE layer of the foils contains a special additive, that gives the foil a multi-reclosability property.
Natural foils are easily recognisable for their gloss and clarity. These properties provide exceptional aesthetics for your product.
Foils have excellent welding properties, even when different contamination occurs on the welding surface. (Blood, fat and spices for example.)
Colour printing is also easily done with flexo or rotogravure printing up to 10 colours.
The width of the foil is cut according to the customer’s wish and adjusted to the parameters of the packer machine. The thickness is 120 my, which provides reclosability and protects from the smell of other foods in the refrigerator. Its field of use can be expanded to the food industry as a whole especially when it comes to sliced, larger packed products.

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