Monopack Kft

Address: 9751 Vép,
Szent Imre herceg u. 36-38.

About us

MONOPACK Ltd. helps you achieve the indispensable harmony needed for success, find both aesthetic, material and at the same time best packaging solution from a food safety point of view too.
Our company was built on the several years of experience of our founders, and was focusing on providing a countrywide quality service for our partners.
In this spirit, we distribute quality packing materials imported from Germany in the widest selection possible. There are no excuses when it comes to packaging : We obtain anything necessary for our partners, whether it be a simpler design or even the state of the art self-biodegradable environmentally friendly foils and packets.
Our products can be ordered in a natural design, and of course in a colour printed form. We also take orders for titling packing materials.
Every customer is important for our company, therefore, we full fill orders for smaller quantities.
Our goal is to get everyone the the type of packing material they really need, therefore, after reviewing the needs and possibilities we aid in orienting and making the right choice with professional consultancy.
We know from experience that in the food industry deadlines are very important, therefore, our company pays special attention to our undertakings being done fast and precisely.
Feel free to look around on our website and get to know our products and service. 

Róbert Monostori

Chief Executive Officer

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